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“Top 3 slowest broadband in UK”

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No, this does not refer to radiofibre who are offering superfast broadband connections in the most rural parts of Devon and Dorset.

Instead, this title relates to numerous articles appearing across the broadsheets in the last couple of days indicating that the village of Monkton, located in Dorset and not East Devon as reported, has the unwanted accolade of being amongst the top 3 locations in the UK with the slowest broadband speeds.

Quoting from the Western Morning News, “The UK’s third-slowest spot for broadband is in Devon, a new survey published this week reveals. The survey shows Britain’s slowest broadband is 5,330 times slower than the country’s fastest.”

Further to that, DevonLive state, “Research from has shown that the three worst areas for slow connection are Monkton, near Honiton in East Devon, Queen’s Road in Weybridge, Surrey, and in first place Hatchett Road in Feltham, Middlesex.

The download speed in Monkton is 0.45Mbps, which in comparing to Dale Lane in Cheshire with an average download speed of 639.67Mbps, is snail slow!

People who live in areas with slow broadband speeds have to wait over 100 hours to download a two-hour high definition film.

Whereas residents who live in the fastest areas could download it within about a minute and 20 seconds…”

What is not reported is that radiofibre offer the ability to have superfast broadband speeds of 30 – 100Mbps in the Monkton Wyld area.

If you live in Dorset and are struggling with some of the worst broadband speeds in the United Kingdom, why not get in touch by sending an enquiry form to us.