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An alternative to Google Search that secures your privacy?

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Jason Evangelho,

He follows on to explain,”…DuckDuckGo, an internet search engine and extension that emphasizes privacy… Its traffic has been exploding and it’s not a coincidence. Since being founded in 2008 DuckDuckGo has hosted 22 billion anonymous searches…, and the company’s visibility has skyrocketed at several inflection points since 2013. As you’d expect, those inflection points are related to growing concerns over surveillance and privacy, and more recently DuckDuckGo’s inclusion in Safari and Firefox as an optional search engine and extension.”

So it is available already, however, most have not heard of it or understand why we should choose to use DuckDuckGo over mainstream search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Jason explains, “I am not a privacy expert, so I’ll leave the analysis and ramifications of the various breaches and growing personal invasions to reporters better suited to doing so. Suffice to say, they happen all too often. It’s also why the creator of the internet as we know it has started a new venture to reclaim privacy and take the power back from the mega-corps that control the majority of the internet.”

“You may be thinking “well I have nothing to hide.” Are you sure? As the company states in a recent blog post, have you considered what your entire search history looks like? Would you want that made public, inadvertently or otherwise? Your shopping history at Amazon, which may be partially informed by what Google knows about you? Do you want to have your opinions, political views and general view of the world shaped by the filter bubble?”

If all it takes, to be more secure searching the web, and let’s face it this has become a daily ritual right up there with searching for the car keys, is to click a toggle in your Browser Settings then why wouldn’t you?

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