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Farmers Struggling With Poor Rural Broadband

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Mark Jackson from ISPreview reports, “…the National Farmers Union has published the results from its annual online and telephone based survey of several hundred members, which found that just 17% of farmers had access to “superfast broadband” (24Mbps+) speeds (up from 16% last year and 4% in 2015) and 15% have no indoor mobile signal at all.

Admittedly farmers tend to work in some of the United Kingdom’s most sparse and remote rural areas, which often end up being last on the list to be upgraded (if they’re improved at all) due to the economic challenges of building expensive networks to cater for so few users over a wide area. As such the fact that they suffer a greater proportion of connectivity problems will come as no surprise.”

However, for those farmers in very hard to reach areas of rural Britain, fibre has the solutions that do not have the environmental impact of traditional full fibre connections and do not break the bank. Now everybody can receive super fast broadband of greater than 30Mbps no matter your location. So if you are running a business in a rural location, don’t suffer, get in contact with us now to get connected with fibre.