" Did someone say FREE BROADBAND for farmers? "

Who are we?

We are a team of designers and engineers working with remote communities to bring faster broadband to isolated properties. We work in urban fringe and rural areas where BT cannot get a reliable internet service. We set up modern communication systems to bring fast broadband and telephone services to those who have been told that it might never be possible. We are an enthusiastic team with a “can do” attitude and a willingness to help. 

What we need

We use remote barns, wind turbines and hilltops as relay stations to take fast broadband into the most remote rural locations. You may be able to help a nearby community with very slow broadband, or no connection at all, and receive free broadband yourself. There are many rural communities in desperate need of a faster, more reliable broadband connection. We can provide this service to them with your help.

Hedge line relay mast

Relay mast powered by solar and wind turbine

How is it done?

We install radio transmitters, measuring 1ft or 2ft in diameter, on the roof of a barn, fixed to a wind turbine or discretely hidden in a hedge line to send the signal to rural locations that require faster broadband.

What you get

If we confirm you as a suitable host then we will provide you with FREE INSTALLATION of our fast broadband system at your property. You will also receive a 50% discount on whichever unlimited data internet package you wish to subscribe to. If your relay station supports more than 1 community then we will provide with a 30Mbps connection FREE OF CHARGE!!

What you should expect from us

  • Not to encroach on any productive agricultural land
  • To be courteous and professional in all areas of our work
  • To ensure installations are neat and unobtrusive
  • To keep your support to ourselves or to publicise it, whichever you feel is appropriate for you

Barn roof relay mast 

Wind turbine relay mast 

The Technical Stuff

  • Our systems are external and do not interfere with your WiFi
  • Our radio signals are much weaker than mobile phone signals, they cannot pass through a tree or a wall, so pose no health risks
  • We can access our equipment remotely and so rarely need to visit a host site once the installation has been programmed
  • Planning permission is not required as two antenna are allowed per property
  • If planning permission should be required for a listed building or conservation area then we can make the enquiry, on your behalf, with the relevant body
  • We pay for any electricity we use.