fibre is pushing fast, rural internet connections further than some companies by harnessing fibre optics and advanced gigabit capable radios which can transmit broadband signals over several miles.  We are installing combined wind and solar powered relay stations in the most hard to reach places. This same technology enables us to install security cameras in remote locations, such as game rearing pens, stables, remote workshops, storage facilities and holiday homes. We connect remote homes, offices and rural communities using a combined fibre & radio network.
We have a team of designers and engineers to work with the community facilitator to bring faster broadband to remote communities and isolated properties.  We have been described as the “trail blazers” or “sappers” of the internet world; working in remote, sometimes hostile environments, setting up modern communication systems to bring fast broadband and telephone services to those who have been told that it might never be possible.  We are an enthusiastic team with a “can do” attitude and a willingness to help.
We develop community broadband projects by finding an active member of a rural community who works closely with us to facilitate the project.  The first person who rings to enquire about a possible solution for their community sometimes evolves into this facilitator.  A character who can liaise with their neighbours and contact landowners to enquire about relay sites or access points.  This character is invaluable to the development of the project, a pair of eyes and ears in the community and a sounding board for us as we do not know the key people and decision makers in the area. 


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